Action Research with School-Based Asthma Management Program

The School-Based Asthma Management (SAM) Program (Center for Community and Economic Development at Delta State University, in partnership with the MS Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) hosted a summit on August 23 in Cleveland, MS. The event included participants from several Delta communities, including school nurses, teachers, coaches and administrators.

As part of the program, John Green (The University of Mississippi Center for Population Studies) shared results from a summer-long action research project, and community representatives provided updates on their school-based asthma management plans. This research included the hard work of Molly Phillips, Lydia Hansen and Renee Tetrick (students from the University of Michigan who did summer internships in the Delta).

Other Institute partners involved in the event were Judith Winford (SAM Program Leader), Carley Jefcoat (MS Primary Health Care Association), Mechelle Wallace (SAM, Excel by Five, Town of Alligator), Pam Hoyt-Hudson (Dreyfus Health Foundation), and Eleanor Green (Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi), among several others. Methods and results from the action research project are available online (Green and Phillips – Asthma project presentation).

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