The Institute for Community-Based Research marks the beginning of its 10-year anniversary through two special sessions at the 2012 meetings of the Rural Sociological Society

The year 2012 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Institute for Community-Based Research (ICBR). To kick off a year of celebration, reflection, and planning for the future, ICBR affiliates held special events at the annual conference of the Rural Sociological Society (RSS). As part of that organization’s 75th anniversary in Chicago, Illinois, the ICBR held two sessions on July 29.

Panel I Community-Based Research Knowledge: Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Collaboration
Chair: Katie Kerstetter (George Mason Univ.)
Panelists: John Green (Univ. of Mississippi); Albert Nylander (Univ. of Mississippi, in absentia); Anna Kleiner (ICBR); Katie Kerstetter; Molly Phillips (Univ. of Mississippi); Judith Winford (Delta State Univ., in absentia); Leslie Green-Pimentel (Delta State Univ.); and Dana Thomas (Univ. of Michigan).

Katie Kerstetter opens the ICBR/RSS session on research

Panel II Incorporating Community-Based Research into the Classroom
Chair: Donielle Lovell (Western Kentucky Univ.)
Panelists: John Green; Alan Barton (Delta State Univ.); Dana Thomas; Nicole Breazeale (Western Kentucky Univ.); Donielle Lovell; and Alexandra Cirillo (Univ. of Michigan).

Panelists at the ICBR/RSS session on teaching (left to right): Alexandra Cirillo, Dana Thomas, John Green, Alan Barton, Donielle Lovell, and Nicole Breazeale)

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