ICBR Research Fellow Co-Authors Chapter in SSSP’s Agenda for Social Justice

Katie Kerstetter, a Research Fellow with the Institute for Community-Based Research and a graduate student in Sociology at George Mason University, recently published a chapter on public housing reform in the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) Agenda for Social Justice: Solutions 2012. The publication is designed to inform policy makers and the public-at-large about some of the nation’s most pressing social problems and to propose policy responses to those problems. The collection is published every four years to coincide with national elections and is distributed to policymakers and members of the media.

Kerstetter coauthored a chapter with John Robinson, a graduate student in Sociology at Northwestern University, entitled “Preserving Affordable Housing and Building Wealth in an Economic Recovery: Limited Equity Cooperatives as an Alternative to Tenant Displacement.” The chapter encourages policymakers to implement public housing policies that have the potential to foster greater ownership and participation among public housing residents.

More information about the publication can be found here.

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