ICBR and Partners Work to Improve the Health of Children in the Mississippi Delta through the New Pathways Program

The Dreyfus Health Foundation received funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to engage community partners in the Mississippi Delta to improve health, access to care, and quality of life of vulnerable children and families through workforce development and education. Building on previous projects and partnerships, the New Pathways: Education and Workforce Development for Children’s Health in the Mississippi Delta program is a collaborative partnership between the Dreyfus Health Foundation, the Tri-County Workforce Alliance, and the Mississippi Office of Nursing Workforce. The University of Mississippi Center for Population Studies is conducting evaluation of the program.

The New Pathways program aims to address health disparities in the Delta region through community education and inspiring youth to pursue careers in healthcare. The partners work with youth as young as 6th grade, and provides a pathway through high school and college to support young people to become healthcare professionals.

The New Pathways program also seeks to mobilize community members to create solutions to local health concerns through the use of the Dreyfus Health Foundation’s Problem Solving for Better Health (PSBH) process. In October 2012 a PSBH workshop was held with a group of middle school students involved in health and professional development programming through the Tri-County Workforce Alliance. The workshop was led and facilitated by a number of ICBR-affiliates, including John Green, Molly Phillips, Eleanor Green, Lynn Woo, Sarah Gayden Harris, and Kristen Horton-Hendrix, along with community partners.

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