The Journal of Rural Social Sciences Publishes Special Issue on Community-Based Research

The Journal of Rural Social Sciences (JRSS) just released a special issue focused on community-based research. Guest editors Anna Kleiner, Katie Kerstetter, and John Green worked with a diverse group of authors. The release of this special issue coincides with the 10-year anniversary of the Institute for Community-Based Research.

JRSS, the official publication of the Southern Rural Sociological Association, is available electronically for free ( The table of contents for this special issue is posted below.

Community-Based Research: Analysis of Outcomes for Learning and Social Change
by Anna M. Kleiner, Katie Kerstetter, and John J. Green

Lifting Spirits and Changing Lives: Analysis of Outcomes from One Organizations Journey with Community-Based Research
by Anna M. Kleiner and Sarah D. Walker

History as Community-Based Research and the Pedagogy of Discovery: Teaching Racial Inequality, Documenting Local History, and Building Links Between Students and Communities in Mississippi and Tennessee
by Spencer D. Wood and Ricardo Samuel

Imagination Enviro-Station: Students Connecting Students to Ecological Sustainability
by David Burley, Natalie Shelton, Chris Daunis, Jessica Cuifi, Jamie Walker, Maria Coleman, and Bertha-Fabianna Matheu

Examining Community-Based Research as an Application for Public Health Training
by JoLynn P. Montgomery and Dana L. Thomas

Community-Based Research and the Two Forms of Social Change
by Randy Stoecker

Insider, Outsider, or Somewhere Between: The Impact of Researchers’ Identities on the Community-Based Research Process
by Katie Kerstetter

Increasing Community Participation with Self-Organizing Meeting Processes
by Philip H. Howard

Who Counts Reality and Why it Counts: Searching for a Community-Based Approach to Quantitative Inquiry
by John J. Green

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