The Center for Population Studies/Institute for Community-Based Research is Involved with the New Pathways Program

A collaborative partnership between the Dreyfus Health Foundation of the Rogosin Institute, Mississippi Office of Nursing Workforce, Tri-County Workforce Alliance, and the University of Mississippi Center for Population Studies, the New Pathways Program was developed to promote healthy behaviors and enhance education, ultimately creating a ‘pathway’ for youth interested in pursuing careers in healthcare and improving access to care for vulnerable families in the Delta region.

Middle and high school students participate in the program via the Tri-County Workforce Alliance to help with math, science, and reading classes. Middle school students work on projects to understand health conditions prevalent in their communities and high school participants complete job shadowing with nurses in local healthcare facilities. High school seniors are eligible to complete a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. For students who continue on to nursing school, the Office of Nursing Workforce provides opportunities for unique hands-on nursing education through intensive clinical experiences on a Dedicated Education Unit (DEU). Through all of these opportunities, students gain substantial exposure to healthcare careers, as well as topnotch training to be effective service providers and leaders in their communities.

Participants in the New Pathways program are from Bolivar, Coahoma, Quitman, Sunflower, and Tallahatchie counties in Mississippi.  The Center for Population Studies is evaluating the program through the Institute for Community-Based Research.

Access the New Pathways Program Brochure.

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