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Students in Biloxi

Students from multiple universities assisted Visions of Hope (Biloxi, MS) with a community survey

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Started in 2003, the Institute for Community-Based Research (ICBR) is a consortium of individuals and organizations collaborating to inform social change and development through applied, action-oriented research. The ICBR works with people demonstrating a commitment to active partnerships for seeking solutions to community and regional issues of concern.

Activities of the ICBR entail:

  • Sharing information on social research methods and results of relevance to community work.
  • Serving as a hub in the network between community groups, larger area nonprofit associations, funders, government agencies and educational/research institutions.
  • Developing and strengthening the research and outreach skills of college/university students and faculty in doing community work.
  • Engaging community groups and assisting them with their research needs, including:

Capacity building;
Education and training; and
Technical assistance with research design, methods of inquiry, data analysis and reporting.

The ICBR originated from the endeavors of faculty and graduate students associated with the Delta State University Division of Social Sciences and History and the Center for Community and Economic Development. In partnership with nonprofit organizations, foundations and several colleges/universities, the ICBR built a strong track record and grew substantially in scope and scale.

Based on its success and the high demand for these services, the ICBR now operates in the form of a multi-organizational collaborative association. It is housed within the Center for Population Studies at The University of Mississippi, and it includes strong partnerships with other organizations at the statewide, regional, national and international levels.

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